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Patient Satisfaction Results: 2016201520142013

“Chuck got me on the right track quickly. What really drew me to him was his interest in athletics and understanding of my goals.”

~J.B. 1/6/13

“Great group of people to work with.”

~Janelle H. 1/16/13

I enjoyed working with Amanda immensely. She is very patient, explains things well, and is full of encouragement. LSVT Big is a very worthwhile program for Parkison’s Disease people!

–Ann T. 5/14

“Outstanding in every way! I’m immensely grateful!”

~Jennifer D. 4/11/13

Very kind and professional. Superior work! I appreciate your (Chuck’s) direct approach and why the particular exercises will help my progress.

–Victor P. 2/15

“Really enjoyed time here and professionalism of tech.”

Gerald R. 1/13

I have been to many different therapy offices the past 5 years. Never, has anyone helped me the way you guys have; very detailed explanations and fantastic people.

–Melissa E. 12/14

This was a great experience. Heel and right foot much improved. The treatment increased my ability to walk, exercise and do my routine. Pain is minimal to none.

–Larry R. 7/15

Chuck you are great! Thanks for your help. I would recommend you to anyone who needs PT.

–Laura K. 10/14

“Super, super, care!”

~Darla R. 1/9/13

“Chuck and support staff have been great. I appreciate everything they have done for me. Everybody was just wonderful!”

~Denzel P. 1/11/13

The staff here has been excellent. They really want you to feel better. I enjoyed my visits here and will tell others about you. I feel better too, thank you!

–Cynthia B. 9/14

“The simplest way to put it is that coming in I feared that a drastic surgery was my only option. Now I believe a happy pain free life of activity is likely!”

~Clark P. 5/13/13

Rob is awesome. His personality, knowledge and level of care is exceptional. Also, the clinic and staff are excellent.

–William S. 1/15

“Chuck was great. I feel a million times better and more confident. Staff is also very friendly. It is a great environment for healing.”

~Amber P. 3/13

“Top rating!”

~Elsie G. 3/13

Chuck was kind, patient and took his time teaching the exercises. The therapy has made a huge difference.

–Charlotte E. 8/14

“Very pleased with my outcome and how fast I was able to get off crutches.”

~Peggy S. 5/30/13

“It was a lot of work – well worth the effort. I am much better! Amanda even advised me on pillows and positioning during the night, and how to get through my workday with less strain on my neck.”

~Annette C. 1/4/13

Chuck and everyone are terrific! Thank you for healing my tendon and saving me from surgery.

–Ann F. 1/15

The staff and knowledge at Snyder Physical Therapy are top notch! I learned how to prevent my injury and had fun while doing so!

–Jason I. 4/15

“This is an impressive operation!”

~Mike T. 4/13

“Very helpful to get me well again. Would recommend Snyder to all I know!”

~Russell S. 5/23/13

“I am satisfied with the therapy and professionalism of the staff.”

~Frank P 5/23/13

“The whole staff at Snyder’s are friendly, helpful, accommodating, kind, and fun to be around. I always had a great fun time. If I had to recommend a physical therapy place, it would be Snyder’s all the way!”

~Paula S. 12/28/12

“Excellent care – would tell family and friends about Snyder Physical Therapy!”

~Roger B. 4/5/13

Had a really pleasant experience here, everyone is so friendly and you can tell the staff actually cares about their patients.

–Paige R. 1/15

“Chuck and Rob were both great therapists. Sheryl is very kind and helpful. Kylee was very good too!”

~Laura L. 2/13/13