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Patient Satisfaction Results: 2016201520142013

I enjoyed working with Amanda immensely. She is very patient, explains things well, and is full of encouragement. LSVT Big is a very worthwhile program for Parkison’s Disease people!

–Ann T. 5/14

“Chuck was great. I feel a million times better and more confident. Staff is also very friendly. It is a great environment for healing.”

~Amber P. 3/13

“Great group of people to work with.”

~Janelle H. 1/16/13

“Chuck is very professional and a pleasure to do rehab with. Everyone here was helpful and friendly. I thank all of them!”

~Michael H. 4/4/13

“Chuck always took great interest in my care and always provided me with any instructions or help as I progressed. Thanks to Chuck and his patience with me, I can run!”

~Michelle B. 5/16/13

“The simplest way to put it is that coming in I feared that a drastic surgery was my only option. Now I believe a happy pain free life of activity is likely!”

~Clark P. 5/13/13

Very kind and professional. Superior work! I appreciate your (Chuck’s) direct approach and why the particular exercises will help my progress.

–Victor P. 2/15

“One of the best places to receive therapy. Very pleasant!”

~Fay L. 3/27/13

I enjoyed my sessions with Chuck. He encouraged me when I got discouraged.

-Loreta T. 7/15

“Very friendly and professional staff. Demonstrated strong competency during treatment with life changing results – I have already recommended treatment here to several friends!”

~Richard J. 1/4/13

I appreciated Chuck’s one on one personal therapy total understanding of joint issues and providing advice on therapy use for maintenance.

–Helen C. 4/15

Everyone was patient, professional, knowledgeable and just plain “nice”

–Mary M. 1/15

“Very nice and personal office. They treat you very good!”

~Jan S. 4/13

“Service was very professional, yet a friendly atmosphere.”

James D. 2/11/13

“Really enjoyed time here and professionalism of tech.”

Gerald R. 1/13

Wanda is very professional, knowledgeable & goal oriented. She made me feel very comfortable at all times. She is great.

–Barb R. 7/15

This was a great experience. Heel and right foot much improved. The treatment increased my ability to walk, exercise and do my routine. Pain is minimal to none.

–Larry R. 7/15

I’ve been very pleased with my therapy experience. Everyone was great to work with and I felt confident that I was in good hands. If I need PT in the future, I will definitely come back!

– Kevin K. 2/14

Amanda was excellent. She clearly knows her stuff and was great at challenging, encouraging, and advising me through the long recovery process. I will definitely refer her to others.

–Brian A. 2/15

Grateful for improved flexibility of ankle makes makes manipulation of stairs easier.

–Georgean M. 1/15

Chuck is great, positive, friendly, and knowledgeable.

–Kerri M. 1/15

“Chuck and support staff have been great. I appreciate everything they have done for me. Everybody was just wonderful!”

~Denzel P. 1/11/13

“Super, super, care!”

~Darla R. 1/9/13

Had a really pleasant experience here, everyone is so friendly and you can tell the staff actually cares about their patients.

–Paige R. 1/15

Chuck you are great! Thanks for your help. I would recommend you to anyone who needs PT.

–Laura K. 10/14

I can’t say enough good things about Snyder Physical Therapy and Rob Kobza. It was a very positive experience and my outcome was excellent! Besides being an excellent physical therapist, Rob (Kobza) was very personable and pleasant to work with. (I will highly recommend Syder Physical Therapy to everyone that I hear is in need of therapy!)

–Sharon J. 5/14

Everyone in the office is always friendly, helpful and happy. I will definitely recommend your office to anyone needing therapy. Thanks to you all.

–Diane H. 9/14

Chuck was kind, patient and took his time teaching the exercises. The therapy has made a huge difference.

–Charlotte E. 8/14